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 Annual Programme of work-shops 2017


Walk and Talk - Arty Birthdays Parties for Grown Ups - Art Workshops in Watercolours, Drawing skills, Mono Printing


We offer the following options


1) Guided walk and talk about the development of our lovely little nature

reserve including how to create a wildflower patch. Includes NZ special cream tea £6.00 min 10 people (£60)


2) Art and Craft visits with professional artist Angela Hewitt


Make it a fun Birthday Party.

a) Loosen-up water-colours. £8.00/person includes cuppa and cake Min 10 people. (£80)

b) Mono printing– lots of fun using simple techniques and materials from   nature £8.00/person includes cuppa and cake Min 10 people. (£80)

c) Folk It—Learn the traditional skills of Folk Art. £32 per person includes a kit to take home with you, instruction and an NZ cream tea. Min 4 people. (£128).


3) Photographers— bring your cameras spend 2 hours exploring the nature reserve looking for that perfect shot. £5/per person. Min 10 people. Includes cuppa and cake.

(Come along to the launch of our Photography Club on Thursday 6th July).

All sessions last approx 2.5 hrs


Alternatively—drop in on one of our regular open days

(Thur/Sat/Sun 10.30—3.30) for a reserve ramble, cuppa and cake, from £3.50 donation—No need to book





On paying the fee/s you are automatically agreeing too abide by our safety rules


Naturezones is an environmentally sensitive nature reserve. Its  woodland has protective status.

We are not an Adventure Playground


For the protection of the reserve and the safety of children it is essential to adhere to the following rules


1. Children must be under parental control at all times and not allowed to wander away or play with unsuitable items (taps, sticks, machinery, tools, items that are not part of an activity, climb on log piles or in trees)

2. Keep to paths at all times

4. Parents are responsible for their child's health and safety

3. Be aware of the following hazards

· Deep water

· Holes in the ground

· Slippery ground

· Hanging branches

· Machinery and tools

· Tree roots across paths

· Nettles, poisonous berries, wasp nests




Pricing Structure 2017 - These prices supersede all other prices

After meeting with consultants and extensive discussions with our stakeholders we have come up with a new and exciting plan that will ensure the future sustainability of Naturezones. We have a new pricing structure that commences 1st September 2016.

This pricing structure will allow us to continue offering our current services and develop a wider audience. It will also help us financially to keep the reserve maintained and staffed.

Entry into the nature reserve on Thursday and weekends 10.30 - 4 pm for all people over 2 yrs old is £3.50 donation. This includes a free drink (tea, coffee or squash and cake). Under 2's can come in for free.

Annual Friendship Pass. £25 single pass 2yrs +. £78.00 Family Pass (4 people at least one adult). These passes allow free entry into the nature reserve on Thursday and Weekends and discounts on other events and activities.

.Other days are reserved for group visits and special activity sessions.

Brush with Nature Art Club - for Adults - Thursday 10.30 - 1.30 Drawing techniques, watercolour techniques, simple printing, fun crafts  £8 per person

Group visits (Min 10 people – Max 15) 2hr visit. Must book. Includes Morning coffee and cake, Afternoon cream tea or Lunchtime soup and  cheese scone. £8..00/person

Annual Accessibility Pass for the elderly and disabled with their essential carer. Single £25, Double £40. Group £80. Must be affiliated with a care/residential home, the NHS or The Isle of Wight Council



Natural History Photography Club - Thursday Launch on 3rd July. email for more info or if you are interested



The above art and meadow workshops will be run by Angela Hewitt. She has 9 years experience in creating wildflower meadows and wildlife habitats.

BOOKING: Please send cheques payable to Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust. Address is on the "about page"


ONE-TO-ONE either at Naturezones or on your own land one full day

£225.00 + expenses or Initial Consultation £40.00


Natural History Notes




COURSES CAN BE BOOKED BY EMAIl, PHONE OR POST  Contact                                                                     

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